How to Break the Weekend Mentality

How to Break the Weekend Mentality

Growing up, my dad taught me something that over the years I had started to take for granted and now that I am grown and starting in my new marriage, I hope to teach myself again.

How to Break the Weekend Mentality.

During the summers, we were an avid boating family. Waterskiing, tubing, wakeboarding, etc. If it floats on water, we have probably tried it. During the winters, we skied, snowboarded, rode snowmobiles, went sled-riding….anything to ward off the winter blues and create an excuse to make hot chocolate. We did all these things NOT on the weekends. We squeezed these activities in at every chance we got. We set aside the homework for when we returned from spending a couple of hours at the bookstore, we skipped laying around and watching TV to go climb the rock wall at the science center. It’s safe to say that I had a wonderful childhood that I started to take for granted when I entered the working society.

I had a couple of jobs before I got my driver’s license but after that little card was mine, I took to trying every job I could get my hands on. At times, I had two or three jobs along with school, and trying to fit in time for my boyfriend, his family, my friends, and my family. I love working and staying busy, I get that from my father, but over the past 10 years I have forgotten how to have fun outside of the weekends.

Over the past few years I have come under the influence that taught me no fun can be had except on the weekends. Essentially, there is no fun to be had after work during the week. I have forgotten how to let loose after work and enjoy those few precious hours that I have before getting prepared for the next day. Even as I am writing this, I spent that past hour after coming home from work on my iPhone playing Disney Magic Kingdoms. It’s 60 degrees and sunny out. What am I doing to myself?! This frustrates me to no end but it is still so hard to break the habit. I keep wanting to blame it on the many factors around me but the only real excuse I have is that I am becoming lazy in my home life. I don’t take the time for my hobbies like I used to. I work my big girl job, then I work my fun, part-time job, then….what the hell do I really do?

How do I plan to break my weekend mentality?

1) Put down the cell phone

Ever since obtaining my current job, my cell phone is attached to my hip. I used to be able to come home, set it on the table, and I wouldn’t pick it up again until it was time for me to set my alarm for the next morning. Now, I am constantly glancing at it, waiting for someone to call or text needing something. I am bringing my work home with me to the extreme, but that is another post….

2) stay away from electronics

Now, as I am currently a blogger this doesn’t really make sense does it? But, just because I love to blog doesn’t mean that I need to be on my computer in front of the tv from the time I come home to the time I lay my head on my pillow. I need to take a break from staring at screens and instead look out a window, or better yet….

3) get outside

Last spring there wasn’t a day you wouldn’t find me weeding through thorns and getting poison ivy. I had a lot of ambition for our newly purchased yard but after a year, not much help, and not much progress visible to the eye, I have become discouraged. I need to make myself spend at least an hour outside in the yard every day no matter how bad I am feeling about it.

4) plan an after work trip once a week

This is something I have been wanting to do with my husband ever since we got married last September and I have procrastinated during the cold winter months. Now that the weather is breaking, I look forward to planning after work trips that we can do at least once a week. It will be a good break for us to get out of the house, spend time together, and try new things. This always solves the problem for when I have to work on the weekends, which I often do during the summer.

5) stop feeling guilty about it

One of my biggest hurdles with enjoying myself during the week is that I start to feel guilty about it. Or others make me feel guilty about it. We should never shame others when they don’t abide by the same practices that we do. Stop making others feel guilty about living life their way.

Best Positive Thoughts Of Life

I look forward to updating everyone on how my journey goes and the changes that it will provide in my life during the upcoming summer months and beyond.

i would love to hear how you are breaking the weekend mentality and having fun with your family during the WORKWEEK. comment below!

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