How I Scored Four Free Trips To Starbucks

How I Scored Four Free Trips To Starbucks

By now everyone has probably heard of Ibotta. But, in case you haven’t, I will give you the lowdown.

Ibotta is an app that you can use to receive cash back on your everyday purchases by scanning barcodes and receipts after you are done shopping. There are many “grocery” stores included on the app including Walmart, Giant Eagle, Whole Foods, Dollar Tree, Target, and Costco. Newer to the app are clothing stores such as H&M and Michael Kors, and appliance stores such as Best Buy. You can also shop wholesale at Boxed and Jet. The setup process is easy, painless, and I would recommend clicking here to try it if you don’t already use it. There is nothing to lose.

what is so great about ibotta you ask?

What I love about Ibotta is that you only need a minimum of $20 to redeem gift cards or to get it sent to your PayPal or Vimeo account. I can earn that in 4 grocery trips. Some of my favorite places to redeem my gift cards at are Starbucks, iTunes, Whole Foods, Cabela’s, Regal Cinemas, Amazon, and Sephora. There are plenty of options for gift cards and they are always adding more. Another great perk with Ibotta is that the more friends you have that use the app, the more cash back you earn. Each month they have a challenge and offer extra cash back up to $10 depending on the level that your “team” makes it to.
The easiest way to use the app and earn cash back is to plan your shopping trips out ahead of time. I usually take 10-15 minutes before each trip and see what the stores are offering in regards to cash back. This way I can compare it to my list and see where I will be saving. The last, but by far the least, best thing is that you can earn cash back on generic items! Eggs, bread, milk, vegetables, cereal, etc. More times than not you do not have to purchase brand name items in order to earn cash back. This makes shopping a whole lot easier.

This past redemption period, I chose a Starbucks gift card and earned myself 4 free trips to Starbucks. It made me feel good to be able to pull up to the drive through, order my matcha green tea latte and thai peanut wrap, and not have to pay a dime. And I got to do this FOUR TIMES! Starbucks is really a treat for me; I rarely order it because of their higher prices, but after using Ibotta to earn cash back I look forward to going to buy groceries.

download the app today to your phone by searching for “ibotta” in your app store or use it in your favorite web browser.


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