Meet The Wife

Welcome to The Wayfarer Wife, a blog dedicated to the experiences of a newlywed on a budget!

I’m Emma – the wife, blogger, and publisher of this blog.

The Wayfarer Wife is about traveling, exploring places you never thought you would find yourself, and finding the best spots in your local hometowns…all while on a budget. Here you’ll find posts on traveling on a budget, lifestyle tips & tricks from a newlywed, and how to eat your way around the world.

I dabble into a little bit of everything. Traveling, crafting, artistry, reading, sports, moving the furniture around in my living room when it bores me, seeking out new loose leaf tea whenever the occasion arises, and never passing up the opportunity to take on a new hobby.

Fun facts about me:

Married: September 17, 2016
Favorite Color – Any shade of purple
Favorite Food – Dark Chocolate
Favorite Animal – My Goldendoodle Novella
Hobbies: Pottery, Reading, Running, Relay For Life
Most Visited App – Definitely Instagram!
Dream Vacation – Bali
(I not so secretly want to live in one of those little huts in the jungle near a beach)