Enjoying a Weekend “Off”

Since May, it feels like we have been non-stop every weekend….

My feelings have been guilty, over the past couple weeks, that I haven’t written on my blog since MARCH. In January when I started The Wayfarer Wife, I had a game plan to post multiple times every week and I did all right for the first few months. As the year went on, life hit. I always forget how demanding my job is and how little time I have for any of my hobbies. Hopefully over the winter months I will be able to write more. The direction of this blog may take a turn – I am not completely in love with the content that I have been providing you with and I don’t think I have found my passion yet. Stay tuned for more on that subject. Today I am sharing with you how I spent this past weekend.

It is now November and I am FINALLY feeling like we have a chance to breath.

This feels silly for me to say, especially since we don’t have children yet so I know that we really aren’t THAT busy, but having a whole weekend to ourselves feels wonderful. Although I started the weekend out sick on the couch, I did get to binge watch 6 episodes of Shameless – I made it to Season 2! After getting the rest that my body needed, we made it out to the brother-in-law’s house for a evening of Cards Against Humanity, where my husband played some totally inappropriate but totally hilarious cards. Since the time change, I have a habit of thinking it is hours later than it actually is – I thought we weren’t making it home until at least 11pm on Friday, but we were home and in bed by 10:30 – livin’ large my friends!

Saturday was filled with doing laundry, visiting several Christmas craft shows, finding the perfect 4ft white tree to start my nautical Christmas, and putting all of our Halloween decor away. The evening was taken over by computer gaming, a guilty pleasure for me. Sunday morning started off perfect with a sweet note on the counter from my wonderful husband who brought me pumpkin munchkins and a maple pecan coffee from Dunkin’. I did not make it to church, but spent the day with my hubby playing games and doing things around the house. The dog got out for a nice fall walk around the neighborhood and it was so calm because the Steelers game was on (we don’t watch sports- we don’t even have cable). We made it over to the in-laws for a delicious dinner and then we called it a weekend! Home in bed by ten – I still can’t believe it. We are consistent 11:30pm-ers in this house.

All in all Рwe did nothing spectacularly special but in a sense we did even better Рwe spent all weekend catching up and hanging out. After the long, busy summer months, this was the perfect weekend and just what the doctor ordered. It is now time to settle down for the holidays and plan out the upcoming months/next year. Our trip to Florida next April was booked over the weekend and my second half-marathon was registered for. Hopefully several more trips will be planned soon!

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